ICAAC International Internship Programme
All About the ICAAC International Internships

The ICAAC International Internship Programme is a vital part of our students study towards an International City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts (IVQ3). This program is only available to the second year students of the ICAAC Two Year Culinary Arts Chefs Programme.

The academy has an International Internship Coordinator with an International Network that can assist students in International Internship Placements with some of the most prestigious hotels and resorts in the United Kingdom and United States.

The main purpose and objective of providing the students an International Internship Programme are the following:

  • A second year student is required to gain a minimum of two (2) years international working experience prior to the submission of a student’s portfolio in order to complete the requirements of the International City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Establishes skills under a specific training programme in a real working environment
  • Broadens a students culture and heightens their maturity level by first hand experience in living and working in a different country independently
  • Enables each student to pursue a promising career in the international food industry by increasing their network of chefs

ICAAC provides second year students with opportunities to apply for a Paid UK Internship and or a USA Internship programme. ICAAC has structured the International Internship Programme wherein the student first undergoes an Internship in the United Kingdom under a TWES (Training & Work Experience Scheme) Visa for a period of six (6) to twelve (12) months to gain more working experience as a Commis Chef under a specific training programme set by the Host Establishment.

After successfully completing their Internship Programme in the United Kingdom, the student is eligible to apply for a Paid USA Internship Programme under a J-1 (Training) Visa. As the student now has more skills and they are able to perform in more than one key area in the kitchen of a professional establishment. Under the USA Internship Programme, the student undergoes a Specific Training / Internship Placement Plan that enables the student to rotate to several different kitchen sections in different restaurant outlets of the Host Establishment as a Commis or Demi Chef de Partie.


A student must deposit all their original Certificates and Diplomas with the ICAAC academic office prior to the start of their International Internships in the United Kingdom or USA. This will only be returned to the student upon completing the Internship Programme and returning to the Philippines without any violations to their visa agreements and regulations.

ICAAC reserves the right to hold culinary internship endorsements based on the examination results and academic standing of the student. ICAAC also serves only as an academic endorser for international internship programmes. Culinary Internships outside the Philippines is at the cost of the student and will depend on their chance to be issued a VISA from the Embassy of the country they wish to apply for internships.

The following is a list of estimated expenses a participant is expected to pay for an international internship:

  1. 12 Month United Kingdom Paid Internship Programme - currently unavailable

    Programme Fee including Insurance Fee (as required by law) £1,600GBP
    UK Visa Application £200GBP
    Bank charges
    Pocket money
    Roundtrip airfare depends on training location

  2. 12 Month USA Paid Internship Programme

    Programme Fee – $1,175
    Administrative Fee – P10,000 plus $200
    Insurance Fee (as required by law) €135EURO / month
    US Visa Application $130
    Bank charges
    Pocket money
    Roundtrip airfare depends on training location