History & General Information


After earning a Diploma in Hotel Management from Les Roches, Switzerland and a Diploma in Culinary Arts from the famous Le Cordon Bleu of Paris, Mr. Jeremy Young went on to work in parts of Europe and then at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Beach Resort & Spa in Orlando, USA, before settling back home in Cebu. Realising a need and demand for a professional culinary institution in the south of the Philippines, the International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu or ICAAC was founded in 2002 and is the first professional culinary arts school in Cebu. Located at the south end of P. Del Rosario Extension Streets, it is right in the heart of historic Cebu, easily accessible by all forms of transportation.

The academy is managed by internationally educated and trained professionals and is currently the only culinary educational institution in the Philippines that can offer an internationally recognized IVQ or international vocational qualifications from the International City & Guilds of London Institute in the United Kingdom. “Having been educated in Europe, we felt that we also needed to offer and give our students a qualification that would be highly recognized in more than one hundred countries worldwide. Unlike other culinary schools, our graduates receive qualifications which are printed and issued directly from the United Kingdom, says, Jeremy Young, Dean of ICAAC”


One of our goals is to acquire an international reputation built on excellence in culinary education and ultimately enabling students to discover and acquire the essential skills applicable to various cuisines around the world. Graduates of ICAAC become part of a culinary tradition of excellence and earn the recognition that comes with being a real future chef. As a graduate, students will have earned a certificate or diploma from City & Guilds International that will differentiate them from the rest in a demanding and ever-changing industry. ICAAC Students of the Two Year Culinary Arts Chefs Programme are successfully placed in exceptional internships in prestigious hotels, restaurants and catering companies in Asia, Europe and the USA. The internship experience is the pinnacle of a superior education at ICAAC as it establishes a graduate's skills and enables each student to pursue a promising career in the international food industry.

Hands-on training is highly stressed and with a maximum ratio of twelve students to one chef/lecturer, ICAAC Chefs are able to build a closer relationship with their students over the course of the program and enables them to find internships which maximise the graduate's talent and interests. Although some graduates of ICAAC do not go on to work in professional kitchens, the internship is a valuable opportunity to experience, first-hand, the passion and precision of the culinary arts.

The Two Year Culinary Arts Chefs Programme is complemented by a Food & Beverage Service Course. Students are assessed and evaluated on a daily basis and a final restaurant practical examination is given at the end of the course. After completion of the course, they are then awarded the corresponding certificates & diplomas. In the Advanced Levels, the chef teaches and encourages the students to master the skill necessary to develop their own savoir faire and to secure a finer mastery of cuisine. The chef teaches the students the culinary arts with the most complex techniques which include optimum planning, meticulous execution, presentation and decoration of dishes. This course level varies according to the seasons, also includes pairing of wines and foods as well as the art of a balanced menu. During this course level, students will see the chefs using the finest products of Global Cuisine such as lobster, lamb, foie gras, caviar, truffles, salmon etc.


The International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu is dedicated to turning out well-trained graduates. The faculties, using modern educational techniques, teach the students in a realistic job setting. Hands-on training is stressed, but theory and relevant course work are also used to provide our students with the necessary background and experience to become successful.

The staff and faculty seek to help the student develop positive self-images as well as marketable skills. The quality of our training is such that our graduates are hired often after a short period of time from graduation.

The hallmarks of our training are easily identified. They are effective instructional methods, hands-on training, and material of educational relevance and importance. We deliver this to our students in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

The school realizes its mission through the achievement of these goals:

  • To teach our students the skills needed to gain meaningful employment
  • To assist our employers in matching their employment needs with our graduates by supporting relationships with industry and educational partners
  • To promote ethical, moral, and legal business practices in the conduct of running the school
  • To behave responsibly towards the environment